Easter Sunday

This was Leo’s second Easter.

Last year he was only 2 months old and didn’t have any idea what was going on.

He was even more confused when I sat him in a basket with a fake Easter Egg and lamb and had my parents jumping around trying to make him laugh for a photo I wanted to take.

Even though Leo is now one, he still has no idea what Easter is so we didn’t make a big deal about it.

But as always, I couldn’t resist doing an Easter themed, home photoshoot that I could share with family and friends.

Leo was adamant that he could eat the chocolate egg, (by that I mean the gold foil too).

I’ve been told that I’m mean, (in a joking way, I hope), for saying I don’t want Leo to have chocolate or junk food. But he doesn’t need it.

He has half a chocolate biscuit or a bite of a chocolate bar every once in a while, but it’s not something he has got to have.

If you put a piece of cake or an apple in front of him, he would choose the apple, (if I did it as a public experiment, he would definitely choose the cake to show me up. Ha!).

I also made cornflake buns when Leo had his morning nap, but he was more interested in the bun wrapper.

He loves his fruit and veg, so I don’t want to force junk food on him.

We didn’t do an Easter egg hunt this year, or let him have much of his chocolate since he’s still so young. But next year I can’t wait to hide treats and little gifts around the house for him to find!

And while he’s still little and loves having his picture taken, I’m going to have to keep bombarding people with a yearly easter photo!

Happy Easter everyone!

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