A Year With Leo

I don’t think I have ever planned for something in my whole life as much as I had for Leo’s first birthday (I didn’t even plan this much for having a baby). 

Our baby turned ONE on Wednesday and we wanted to spend the day as a family and save the party for the weekend.

So, on Sunday 25th of February, we had our baby’s first ever birthday party.

A lot of people probably thought it was a bit extreme for a first birthday party, they’ll hardly remember it, right?

No, it probably wasn’t necessary, but I WANTED to do a huge jungle themed party. I love being creative and I’m always looking for party themes on Instagram and Pinterest.

So for Leo’s birthday, I had an idea of what I wanted and just went with it.

Obviously, planning parties can be a little bit expensive so I tried to do everything on a budget.

I ordered different coloured balloons online, and went for:

  • Animal Safari
  • Gold Metallic
  • Pearl White
  • Midnight Blue
  • Emerald Green
  • Gold Confetti

I thought the easiest bit would be picking balloons to match my colour scheme, but it’s surprising how many different shades of blue and green balloons there are.

I also wanted a jungle flower wall of Leo’s name, but they can cost a lot, so instead, I made my own with tissue paper of different shades of green.

We had the party at the Sitwell Golf Club, (which I would 100% recommend to anyone to hire out a room). It was such a lovely place, but I had to improvise how I wanted the room decorated.

I wanted the LEO on the wall, where people could have photos in front of and a balloon arch in the entrance (which I actually put around the wrong door).

My nana made a christening cake for Leo as we had him christened the same morning and I made his jungle birthday cake.

It didn’t turn out quite how I wanted it too but it tastes good so I guess that’s all that matters.

My nana said this was her last cake she’ll be making so I took full advantage of eating all the leftover pieces.

I’m a bit upset I didn’t get many pictures at the party with friends and family (especially parents and grandparents), but it was such a busy day that we hardly got to speak to anyone.

We got a few at the church but other than that there wasn’t a lot.

I just wanted to say a huge thank you to everyone who came to celebrate Leo’s day and spoilt him with so much love.

Thank you to my mum and Charlotte for dealing with my stress when it came to getting all the decorations prepped and setting up the room, I’m sorry I get so bossy!

Leo is also so lucky to have his special godparents in his life and we are lucky that he has such amazing role models to look up to, so thank you Kieran, Charlotte (Chucky), Carla, Charlotte and Ben.

Finally, a huge thank you to Dylan for just going with the vision I had and letting me go mad on decorations and the hundreds of cupcakes and cakes I’d baked all week to get it perfect.

I can’t thank you enough for always keeping me calm, supporting me and loving me unconditionally. Leo is one lucky boy to have you in his life – as am I.

We’ve still got a tonne of cake left over and a mountain of presents to get through, so thank you to everyone who bought/spoilt Leo. We’re incredibly grateful.

A whole year with Leo – it’s been a whirlwind of love, happiness and the occasional tears, but I wouldn’t change it for the world.

As for 2 years with Leo… I’m thinking either Carnival themed or holding off on the parties until he’s at least 5! Ha!

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