To My Midwife

To my midwife, thank you.

Almost a year ago, I gave birth to my first child, and I have never been more in love.

A year ago today, I was 30 days away from my due date.

On Monday the 20th of February, 6:30p.m. I was finally admitted onto the labour ward, third time lucky.

At the time, I was frustrated that I wasn’t admitted when I first went to the labour unit at Hallamshire, (just before dinner time). I’d been having contractions since 6:00a.m. and I was just desperate to finally meet our baby boy.

Now, I’m thankful they sent me for a walk, then sent me home the second time.

If I hadn’t of been sent home, I wouldn’t have had you as my midwife.

You were the only one to properly read my notes, and find the letter to say I was a carrier of Group B Strep. You sat beside me and explained that I would need antibiotics injected so that my baby would arrive safely.

I was incredibly sick, and you laughed with myself, Dylan and my mum about the mop bucket I’d fetched with me to the hospital. It helped a lot to laugh.

You offered me an anti-sickness injection and helped me use the gas and air properly because I didn’t quite get how to breathe with it.

Every few hours (or as often as you could) you came back to check we were all okay, and to see how far along I was.

Every time I said I needed something stronger and that I couldn’t do it anymore, you said: “you can do it, you’re doing amazing. I don’t think you need anything else, but I can come back in a bit and see how you’re getting on.”

I probably said I’m sorry more times than I’ve ever said before, I felt like I was a little bit annoyed with how long the labour took, and I felt bad for you, my mum and Dylan because you were all wide awake supporting me, and I just wanted to give something back.

I remember every time you came with a needle, I asked you to wait and asked for Dylan to stand in the bathroom out of the way, because he hates needles.

My mum said that you’d kept saying how much of a pleasure it was to be my midwife because, for someone in pain, I was so polite and considerate.

I couldn’t have been if it wasn’t for you. Having my family there to hold my hand and support me was a huge help and I’m so grateful they stayed by my side.

But you kept me calm and made the experience a lot more enjoyable than I ever thought labour could be. You made me feel safe and in good hands.

You delivered our baby boy, the thing we all love most in this world. Our bundle of joy. We can never repay you for helping to bring him into this world safely.

I can’t remember if I ever said thank you, but I am, we all are, more than you could ever know.

He’s grown and learnt so much, and he makes us so proud every day.

If you hadn’t of been my midwife, it’s strange, and horrible to think that things could have been so different.

Thanks to you, I felt safe and calm, and I know that Dylan and my mum felt that way too.

I am thankful every day that you were my midwife.

1 in 3 midwives says they feel under appreciated.

Every day I think about our midwife and everything she did for us.

I wish I could turn back the clock and take the time to thank her as many times as I could before she left that room because every single day I appreciate her for what she did.

Without her, our baby boy might not have been who he is today; a cheeky, happy, giggly little soul.

So again, to my midwife [Lyndsey], thank you.

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