10 Things I Learned in 2017

Last year I decided to do 10 Things I Learned in 2016, and since it’s that cliché time of year (again) where everybody is making their New Years resolutions and summing up how their 2017 has been, I thought I would reflect on the year and what I have learnt…

  1. Being patient is important. I thought I was a patient person before having a baby, so learning to be more patient is quite a big thing. By being that little bit more patient, you can learn so much.
  2. Cleaning up can wait. For anyone who knows me, I hate mess. I love things being organised, tidy and clean so even the tiniest bit of dust can drive me mad. But after having Leo I’ve found that I don’t always have time to clean, mainly because the motivation isn’t there, but you can miss so much just by blinking that the cleaning up can wait until the baby is asleep.
  3. “Labour hurts” is an understatement. The giving birth part I can cope with, but the contractions are a whole different kind of pain. People say that labour hurts, and it does. But imagine the most painful thing in the world, and times it by a billion, (you do genuinely forget all that pain though at some point).
  4. Having your hair tied up is more effort than down sometimes. I used this one last year, but I feel that it’s still something I have learnt again this year. I can’t pull off the messy-bun look, and the high ponytail makes me look like a pineapple, so taking the time to even try and make it look okay is just something that requires way too much effort! I’ll stick to the hair down, yes I’ve just got out of bed look.
  5. You can’t prepare for being a parent. You can read all the books, take all the classes, but you can never be prepared for when you become a parent. Babies, (and children) are so unpredictable. They say you get one good baby, and one bad. One could follow the parenting “rule book” by the word, but the other… there’s not a book that exists for that. It’s good to have the knowledge, but you might not be able to apply it.
  6. Staying in can be better than going out. Letting your hair down isn’t a bad thing, but I’ve found just having a night in, with a takeaway and a few glasses of wine can be so much better than getting in at 1am and suffering from a hangover the next day.
  7. Eating a big bar of Dairy Milk in one sitting is surprisingly easy. And I’m not even sorry.
  8. Seeing your friends is so important. As we get older we often find ourselves seeing friends less and less. There’s always work, other commitments, family stuff. But just taking half an hour to see a friend or grabbing a coffee with them can turn a bad day into a good one.
  9. I didn’t appreciate my parents enough. I’ve always loved and adored my parents and I’ve always thought that I worshipped the ground they walk on. But since becoming a parent myself, I have a whole new level of respect, love and appreciation for them. They deserve the entire universe.
  10. New Years Resolutions are pointless. For anyone who’s ever followed through on a resolution, I take my hat off to you. Let’s not kid ourselves, we aren’t going to spend every day in the gym, we’ll last a week before McDonald’s starts calling our names again.

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