Rose Cooper “Breaking the Rules” Prize

On November 14th I attended an awards ceremony at my university (Sheffield Hallam), where I had been nominated by one of the lecturers, Clare Jenkins, to win the Rose Cooper “Breaking the Rules” prize.

The award was to go to a level 5 student who produced a piece of work that best demonstrates a thorough understanding of their practice and the ability to test or challenge it.

Clare said: “We were asked to nominate someone, and I immediately thought of you”.

I was truly honoured to receive the nomination, which I won and collected alongside Leo and mum Sherida.


The reason I was nominated, Clare said, was for the way I had dealt with my pregnancy and motherhood – and the fact that I’ve produced such a useful and attractive website as a result.

Leo sat nicely and clapped along with others receiving awards, and collected mine with me. Afterwards, he walked around enjoying all the attention he got.

None of what I have achieved at university would have been possible without the support from Clare. She has made university life a lot easier and less stressful for me, by welcoming Leo into lectures or seminars and allowing me to do a graded presentation with him in my arms when I couldn’t find childcare.

I will carry on working hard to show that I can get my degree and show Leo that he can do anything he sets his mind too if he puts in the hard work.


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