Babies and Pets

Before you have a baby, you can’t even start a conversation without someone telling you about how hard raising a child is with the sleepless nights and the dirty nappies. The same happens when you get a puppy or a kitten, you get the “no more holidays for you, you’re tied down now!” or “they’re a lot of hard work when you’re trying to train them.”

So why do we insist on trying to raise a baby with a furbaby?

Lets face it, no matter who you are, or what you think of babies and animals, no one can do anything but adore Facebook videos and pictures of newborns growing up with their best puppy pals.

Credit: Harry Peter (3 months) and Benji the puppy
Credit: Harry Peter (3-Months) and Benji

But it’s hard work.

All I have ever wanted in my life is a puppy, but I was never allowed one growing up, for reasons which make sense now I’m older.

However in July this year, Dylan fetched home a tiny little kitten as a present for getting 10,000 views on my blog.

I was in two minds at the time, I was so excited about this tiny little furbaby that was ours and now a part of our family, (it’s not quite the dog I’ve always wanted but he’s still the best).

But also, how on earth could I keep Leo and a kitten entertained?

“Kittens are less maintenance than dogs, it will be fine.”

Whoever said that, has clearly never had a kitten. Ever.

They are needy. They need a lot of play time. Litter training, (where are the nappies for cats?). I have never in my life thought I would have to yell “don’t scratch that” and “get down from the curtain railing” 500 times a day.

At first it was hard. Leo was 5 months old at the time and just starting to roll around, and now I had to keep a kitten from scratching all his toys, peeing on his play gym and from jumping on him.

But as Drogo, (yes we named our cat after Game of Thrones character Khal Drogo), got older, he became more tolerant of Leo getting excited every time he came in the room.

I never really saw a time where the baby and kitten thing would work, because I was at home 24/7 with both and saw both tantrums and hyper hours (which often felt like 5 hours).

The bond Leo and Drogo have though is incredible.

When Leo started moving in his baby walker, then crawl and now walk, it made it so much easier for the pair to entertain each other.

It also reassured me that Leo could get away from Drogo when he needed to, (when Drogo thinks Leo’s football is his too).

Yes Leo is still young so we never leave them alone in the same room, but Drogo has become tolerant of Leo’s inquisitiveness. He gets up and walks away when Leo gets too much, or paws his hand if he hurts him.

It’s taking time, and a lot of telling off on both sides, but they’re both learning their boundaries.

They’re both as mischievous as each other, and I honestly wouldn’t change it.

It was harder for me than Dylan as he’d grown up with cats, and it has taken a lot of patience and a few tears on my part.

But now, I definitely can’t imagine what our family would be like without Drogo.

I wouldn’t recommend going out and buying a kitten or puppy the second you have a baby, especially just for the cute “before and after” photos.

Animals are a lot of hard work and require just as much attention as a baby, if not more.

Can you really manage a baby and a fur baby?

There needs to be a huge talk about whether it’s right and if it can work, which is what we did, (only we talked after Drogo was running havoc around the house).

Drogo has already made himself home at our neighbours, he’s ran around another’s home and put the older cats in the neighbourhood in their place.

But he’s the biggest baby going.

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