Autumn Thoughts

Autumn is by far one of my favourite times of the year.

I love how picturesque everything looks. The sunshine through the trees, and the red and gold leaves scattered everywhere.

And to be quite honest, (despite how excited I am for Christmas!), I’m rather sad Autumn is ending, and winter is nearly here.

Last year we didn’t tend to go out much, unless it was to the shops, university or visiting family.
So we did autumn a little differently this year…

I really want Leo to love the outdoors and appreciate nature, which is something I think is a little lost in most millennial babies.

We live in such a technology run world that playing on the PlayStation or watching television is more appealing than playing outdoors – and I really don’t want that for Leo.

We took Leo on a little nature walk at Rivelin Valley in Sheffield, to get used to the cold and enjoy the fresh air.

We spent a good couple of hours exploring and walking across the stepping stones in the river.  

We also went to a big pumpkin patch so that we could pick our own pumpkins for Halloween.

We picked the worst day to go as it was so windy and cold, and Leo was less than impressed that we replaced his afternoon nap for a walk through the fields.

When he was amongst the pumpkins though, he didn’t complain, he kept tapping them like they were drums

It sounds silly, but little moments like these are what really make me appreciate my little family a million times more than I already do.

There’s nothing big or exciting about a little woodland walk or picking pumpkins when it’s freezing cold.

But the laughs, little smiles and watching Leo fascinated by the simple things, are moments and memories that I’ll cherish forever.

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