What Mama Says, Goes

When you’re a parent, you make up your rules, create your own routine and discipline in a way that works for you.

And what do you do if you’re not a parent, and you’re just looking after someone else’s child? Not disagreeing with the parent of said child.

One of my BIGGEST pet peeves is people interfering with how a parent chooses to raise their child, (obviously in some cases it’s necessary).

It doesn’t impress us

It is not your job to decide what discipline method a person should use on a child, or if “one more drink of cola won’t hurt”. 

You’re not the one who has to deal with the child 24/7. You don’t have to deal with the bedtime stress when they’re bouncing off the walls, or deal with the consequences of a “eat as much sugar as you want today”, the day after. So don’t change the rules.

Like I said, what mama says, goes.

Whether you’re the grandparents, auntie or uncle, a family friend, whether you’re the prime minister or Beyoncé, your opinion on how to raise a child that is not yours, is pretty much irrelevant.

If the mum or dad doesn’t want their child to have a bar of chocolate because their tea is in an hour, don’t say “one bar won’t hurt them” and give the child the chocolate.

You’re basically teaching the child to disrespect their parents. 

You might think it’s harmless, and yes they’re ‘just a child’ (but trust me those mini me’s are a lot more clever than we think), but by outright disagreeing with the parent and interfering, you’re letting that child think that they can do that too.

Children need rules and boundaries, and they need to learn how to respect their parents because it teaches them how to respect authority figures as they grow up.

If you have something to say about it, or even just a general “well why can’t they have another ice cream?”

Ask when the child is not around. 

There are far too many people wanting to be a child’s best buddy, and back their corner so that they will like them more, but all it does is interrupt the way a parent is trying to raise their child.

Raise your child however you want to raise them, just don’t ignore mum and dads rules and make your own.

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