Six Months Old

Today Leo is 6 months old. Some people wonder why parents make such a big deal over the 6 month age but it’s a huge thing to a parent because so much has happened, and so much more is (usually) about to happen.

It’s really strange to think that Leo was born 6 months ago today. Six months ago, he’d lay on mine or Dylan’s chest for hours just listening to our hearts beat, but now he’ll only lay when he’s falling asleep and would prefer to be rolling on the floor.

Leo has grown so much in what seems like such a short space of time. From the tiny baby who hated baths…

To this bubbly, chatty baby who empties the bath with his splashing!

From the day he came into our lives at 2:45am (and every day he was in my belly), we have loved him unconditionally, and would not want to imagine what life would have been like for the last 6 months without him here.

He wakes us up every morning after sleeping through the nights (from 4 weeks old), with his giggles, talking to his favourite teddies in his cot.

His laugh is the best morning alarm anyone could ask for.

Lately, he’s been trying so hard to crawl, but he can’t get his arms and legs to move at the same time yet. Even though he can’t crawl he’ll still belly shuffle in circles around the room!

He loves his food so much he gets frustrated when he misses a mouthful because he’s gotten too carried away trying to grab the spoon, but he still laughs and smiles through it all.

I have so much love for our little boy, words can’t even explain.

Six months ago today I sat in the hospital all day watching over him sleep, (even when I should’ve been resting), and 6 months on I still watch him sleep sometimes, I still find it hard to believe he’s really here and he’s our son.

Leo – you have turned our lives upside down, filled it with so much love and happiness, and made each day and even the dullest of days the best ones.

The past 6 months have flown by, but watching him learn about the world and grow has been incredible.

Despite how much I miss our tiny newborn baby boy, I can’t wait to see how much he’ll learn and grow in the months (and years) to come.

Besides, he’ll always be our baby boy no matter how big, bright and ‘too old for sloppy kisses’ he gets.

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