Post ‘Baby Body’

After having a baby, it's a given that your body is no longer how it used to be. A lot of people say you should be proud of your "baby body", that the stretch marks and little belly are a sign of achievement, but others often ask "when are you going to lose the baby fat?" or "do you think you'll get into the gym soon?"

It's hard. Nobody wants to hear negative things about themselves (even when it's said with good intentions), and you especially don't want to hear them after having about 5 hours sleep in the last two days.

I was fortunate to not have a big baby belly or any stretch marks after having Leo, but that doesn't mean I was thrilled about how I looked. A lot of people said to me that: "you can't even tell you've had a baby!" which I know was meant as a compliment, but I never took it that way.

I've never been confident in myself, but after having a baby it was especially hard.

In the early stages of pregnancy I was worried about having a big bump, because I'd never had a 'belly', so the thought of not fitting into my clothes did frighten me. But after pregnancy, it was how I looked in my normal clothes, without a bump that bothered me.

I felt like I didn't suit any of my clothes and that they either looked too baggy or made me look too flat (if you can look flat), but with every comment and compliment I felt guilty for not agreeing.

It probably sounds ungrateful of me, that I'm upset about being able to fit into the clothes I wore before my baby bump and that it looked like I'd never had a baby; but I still wasn't me.

Since Leo was born, I'd lost my strength, fitness – I couldn't even walk up a flight of stairs without feeling out of breath.

And when does any new parent have time for the gym?

My confidence was getting bad, I didn't really want to meet friends and I really didn't like Dylan even trying to hug me because I felt too self conscious, (despite him telling me how incredible I looked too).

I was sick of feeling that way.

It's hard, but after a baby you have to accept that you're not the same as before. Your body and mind has gone through a massive change, and you need to give yourself a little credit.

I wanted to make a little change for myself, so everyday for the past few works I decided to do 20 minute workouts while Leo napped and even though it's not a lot it's a start.

I'm nowhere near as fit or healthy as I used to be, (maybe cutting down on the 20 nuggets might help), but that's okay.

It really is hard. New mums or dads don't really have the time to be going out to the gym when they have a newborn that demands feeding every couple of hours.

For all the mums and dads that simply don't have the time to workout (or don't want to), there's nothing wrong with it.

As long as you're loving your baby and yourself, you look great, and keep doing what you're doing.

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