The “Do’s and Don’ts”

The world of parenthood is a judgemental one, so to speak.

When you have a baby, some people (even total strangers), think that you want their opinions and their advice, even when you really don’t.

But everyone always has an opinion on how to raise your child.

It can drive you a little bit insane, and sometimes make you feel like a bad parent when comments such as  “you’re not doing that right” or “you shouldn’t do that” get made.

People will tell you to do one thing, but when you do that, they tell you that you should do the opposite.

You can never win.

But at the end of the day, it’s your child. 

Being a new parent, it’s hard at first trying to get into the swing of things, so I thought advice from my parents and other parents would be useful.

A lot of the time though, I felt as though the advice wasn’t right for us. When Leo needed winding and cried, people said to put him down he’s just being needy.

When I stopped breastfeeding too, I was told by the Health Visitor that Leo wasn’t getting enough milk from a bottle, so I should breastfeed again.

Leo put on more weight bottle feeding than when I was breastfeeding.

As long as your baby is fed, warm, clothed and healthy, that’s all that matters, not other people’s opinions.

If you love them endlessly, through the tears and the giggles, you’re doing everything right by your child.

No one knows your child better than yourself.

Next time someone offers you some advice that you 100% know won’t work for you little one, just smile and say: “Thank you, but I think we’ll be alright”.

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