First Night(s) Away

Since Leo was born, the longest I’d been away from him was my first shift back at work a few weeks ago, where I was gone from 5pm while 1am. Dylan booked 3 nights away in Rome for us as a surprise and a little break after our 2nd year of university had finished – but it would mean leaving Leo for 3 nights.

The initial thought was hard and it was even harder when we went. I cried when we left him, when we face-timed him and even as I fell asleep.

It was hard being away from him, because even though he was in good hands, I’d never been away from him for so long and I hated not knowing how he was, (if he was in pain from teething, or had bellyache etc – as a mum you just want to be there).

After the Manchester attacks, it got a lot harder. We’d been gone a day before we heard the awful news and I just wanted to hold Leo and tell him that I would always do my best to keep him safe.

During the days it wasn’t as hard because we were so busy sight seeing. Both mine and Dylan’s mum kept us updated with Leo as much as they could too, (all he did was sleep and eat apparently).

I still couldn’t help missing him though. We woke Leo up at 5am to say goodbye Monday morning and he sent us off with smiles.

Rome is a beautiful place. There’s an essence of intimacy everywhere you go; when you eat you’re sat on a table just inches away from the person next to you. Every street holds so much history and you share those moments of awe with hundreds of people.

Trevi Fountain

The history of Rome is fascinating and beautiful and we learnt something new every day, which made us appreciate the little things that little bit more.

I’m extremely grateful for Dylan arranging the city break for the both of us and for being able to share some incredible memories that I’ll cherish. We left a part of us in Rome and we hope one day to go back and maybe share what we learnt and saw with Leo and teach him about the world.


The Thursday we arrived home, I’d never been more grateful to hold our baby boy, cuddle and kiss him and listen to his little giggles. Three nights we were gone and he changed so much; he was holding his toys and almost rolling over.

I feel very blessed to have a partner who’d take me away for a few days, just to hit that reset button and come home refreshed. Even more blessed to have the bubbly, happy baby boy we do, (and who didn’t stop talking when we got back!).

Rome was incredible. But it’s good to be home.

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