Three Months Old

When people tell new parents ‘they don’t stay that small forever’ you don’t want to believe them, a small part of you hopes that they will.

Leo was 3 months old today, and we still can’t believe how much our ‘newborn’ has grown.

Leo at 1 hour old He’s been sleeping 12 hours at night since he was 4 weeks old, he hates being laid down, unable to see what’s going on and loves to be exploring and looking at everything, and he’s in complete control of his bottle (he holds the bottle and pulls it to his mouth or pushes it away).

It’s hard to believe how much he’s grown and learnt so far to say he’s so little. Every moment of everyday, watching how curious he is of the world and seeing him learn is truly a proud moment as a parent.

We took Leo swimming for the first time this week, and even though he wasn’t so sure at first he never cried or moaned. After an hour he started splashing his legs and smiling when we supported him to float in the water.
It can be hard to ‘cherish every moment’ as we still have to cook, clean, attend university and just carry out day to day tasks,
(even though I could just cuddle Leo all day and listen to him gurgle and giggle). 
Leo's first swim
Time goes by so quickly though, and they don’t stay little forever, so we always make time for family time everyday. Whether that’s going swimming or baby sensory, a walk or cuddle in front of the TV (Leo loves football!).

Even thought he’s only been in our lives for 12 weeks (not including the 9 months I carried him), he has taught us so much that we didn’t know, and filled us with so much love and happiness. We are learning every day from him; to be more patient, and kind. To appreciae every moment and love no matter how hard things can get.


Leo is truly a blessing, and I couldn’t be more proud of grateful that I get to be his mum.


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