End of University (2nd Year)

Friday marked the last official day of my second year at University. The hand in of my last 2000 word assignment until September.

It’s been a long, whirlwind of a year, with finding out I was pregnant just after my first year, to juggling midwives appointments and deadlines in the first semester (and carrying the heavy photography equipment), working nearly 50 hours over 4 days, all to counting down to the day our beautiful baby boy was born.

To sum up this year at uni – it’s been very tiring, but I wouldn’t change a thing. Ever since Leo was born on the 21st of February, I’ve been playing catch-up on my university work as my 2 weeks maternity leave left me behind in the run up to all the deadlines. But with the help of my family, partner, friends and module leader, I’ve been able to finish my second year with a predicted 2:1.

This is where this blogpost gets a little cheesy, but I would just like to thank a few people who I love and appreciate for everything they’ve done for myself and Leo;

First of all, I’d like to say a huge thank you to my parents, for always believing in me and being proud of me no matter what. I appreciate both for taking the time out of their days to come watch Leo while I got on with my university work, and for reassuring me every time I felt a little down. And a thank you to my brother Kieran for always being there when I’ve needed him.

Thank you to my incredible partner Dylan, for loving me even when I couldn’t really love myself, for standing by me and holding me when I cried, and reassuring me whenever I was doubtful of myself. You’re a wonderful father to our baby boy, and an amazing partner. Despite everything, he’s always been strong for the both of us and makes us both so proud.

Charlotte, thank you for coming to see us whenever you had spare few hours and cheering us up when we’ve been stressed. Thank you for always being there whenever I’ve needed you and for all your support and advice. There’s no one else I’d rather have Leo look up to as a role model; you’re so hardworking and caring and we love you.

Finally my module leader, Clare, for all her support with my uni work and just being an email away when I’ve needed advice, and for letting me bring Leo into seminars when I had deadlines and presentations.

There are plenty of other people I have to thank for making this year easier on myself, Dylan and for Leo to have a good start to his life, (but that would just make this post really longwinded and it’s probably got a bit boring already).

Even though I still have my final year to go which I’ll be doing over the course of 2 years, I’m really excited to finish university and make those I love proud.

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