My First Mothers Day

Every year I spend at least half an hour trying to find a Mother’s Day card that accurately describes how much I love and appreciate my mother, but this year I got to receive one that was thoughtfully written by Dylan on behalf of our little boy.

My boys got me a silver trinket box with ‘My 1st Mother’s Day. Leo 21.02.2017″ engraved on the lid and a wall hanging that says ‘A moment in your tummy, a lifetime in your heart’. Two things I can treasure for a lifetime for my first Mother’s Day, just as much as I treasure my boys.

Not only is it my first Mother’s Day, but it’s also my mums first ‘Grandmothers Day’ (that’s a real thing in our family). My mum helped bring my baby boy into the world, she was there when I started in early labour Friday evening and stayed with me until 3am Saturday morning when I got sent home from hospital, and at 6am when I started with contractions the following Monday, she came straight to our flat and kept both Dylan and myself calm, right through until Leo was born at 2:45am Tuesday morning. She then stayed with me until 9am and has seen our little boy every day since his birth.

My mother is an incredible woman. She’s always been there for me, guiding, supporting and teaching me to be a better person. There’s nothing she wouldn’t do for anyone. But she’s not only my mum, she’s my best friend too and I can’t possibly repay her for what she has done for me. I spent half an hour trying to find her a card, but there isn’t one that can ever thank her or describe my love and appreciation enough; she deserves everything. If I turn out to be half the mother to Leo that she is to myself and my brother, then I know I’m still going to be an incredible mum.

It’s not only my mum I am thankful for this Mother’s Day though, without my partner I could never be the mother I am.

I feel lucky, everyday I get to wake up beside someone who brings so much happiness into my life, someone so caring and thoughtful, and on Sunday’s I get to do that with him and bring our baby boy into bed with us for Sunday morning coffee and cuddles while we watch something on the telly for an hour. Spending my first Mother’s Day that exact same way makes me appreciate everything both Leo and Dylan have done for me and I could never describe how much I love them both.

Every week I look forward to Sunday, knowing we get to spend the morning as a little family and I can’t wait for every Mother’s Day to come because I never thought that being a mum could fill me with so much sense of achievement.

Our baby boy is still only small, but he makes me the proudest mother on the planet.

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