Week 35 – Baby Scares and Strangers

As the due date gets closer I can’t help but worry about the little things and I hadn’t felt the baby move as much as he normally would from Monday to Wednesday and had some discomforting pains in my lower abdomen, so naturally, I called the triage midwife.

To ‘put my own mind at rest’ the midwife said she would book me in on the Day Unit for an emergency appointment. I know the NHS do their best and work hard, but I was booked in at 4pm, the unit closes at 5pm and nobody came to speak to me or asked me any questions in the hour and 15 minutes I was waiting to be seen, so I was left worrying. I eventually got sent up to the labour assessment ward when the nurse had her coat on and had finished her shift, and then I waited another half hour.

In those 30 minutes, I was afraid something might be really wrong, but I also saw something which broke my heart.

An elderly man was sat in the waiting room and was just staring at the door which led onto the corridor. I hadn’t been there long before I heard a younger man shout dad with a wobbly voice and break down in tears. He’d lost his baby.

When you see something like that, you don’t know how to react. I was heartbroken for this family I didn’t even know but also worried about myself and my baby, all I know is no person deserves something like that to happen to them.

My partner was home with his family this week before our second semester of university starts. He wanted to drive down the moment I said I was going up to the hospital but I didn’t want him driving for an hour in bad weather, worrying, so I kept him updated by text.

It was typical that the moment the midwife put the freezing cold jelly on my stomach that our little boy started squirming. I was attached to the heartbeat monitor for an hour, listening to him when he was still and when he moved. Luckily, everything was okay he was just too low down to feel all movements and I had also been ill from a winter bug so my energy levels were low, and so were his.

I owe a huge thank you to my mum who took me to the hospital and for my partner being reassuring, and a massive thank you to Jessops Wing Hospital in Sheffield for everything (they even offered me food and a drink while I waited on the labour ward). Knowing our boy was okay was a huge relief, but there are still parts of me that worry about the weeks running up to the due date, all I can do though is give our baby all the nutrients he needs and remain as stress-free as possible. Hearing his daddy’s voice makes him all fidgety and excited, but until he’s back he’ll have to listen to me telling him nonsense about the world.

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