Week 16 – Baby’s First Photo

Seeing our baby for the first time, there are no words. In the build-up to it, I was so nervous about what the sonographer would say and whether our baby was healthy, which is a fear every parent-to-be has. To hear our baby was healthy was even more wonderful when we could see him/her wiggling about on the screen in front of us.

Looking over at my partner and seeing him cry showed how much he cared and how real this was all becoming. I was worried that he didn’t feel a part of the pregnancy because physically, nothing affected him, he could carry on drinking and eating certain things which I couldn’t. I know he’s going to make an amazing dad though, he has his fears and I have mine, but I have no doubts in him. This baby is going to be so lucky to have a father like him, with so much passion and determination in everything he does and always giving 100% in everything he does.

I don’t know what I’m most excited for, our baby arriving into this world or seeing my partner hold our little one for the first time…



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