Relationships and Support

Having a baby is often an exciting time for you and your partner, but sometimes it can bring big changes to your relationship and it can cause you to drift apart.

Here are some common reasons for arguments…

  1. Your partner seems less interested in the pregnancy than you are. Maybe your partner doesn’t know what to do at this stage because there isn’t actually a baby around. It’s hard for them to understand and get excited if they’re worried about money and lifestyle changes. Take time to sit down and talk these things through, or even look into what financial help is available to you!
  2. The baby might not seem real to your partner yet. When you’re pregnant, it’s a lot easier for the baby to seem real because you might be suffering those typical effects of pregnancy like morning sickness and your body is starting to change to help your baby grow, but your partner doesn’t go through the same thing. Share what’s happening to you with your partner and ask them how they feel. Maybe go along to an antenatal class? When that little one starts to kick or even your first scan, that’s when it all starts to become real to them!
  3. You’re tired and moody, that’s the deal with pregnancy. Your hormones are changing and you’re getting more tired and your moods are changing quickly and quite often you might take it out on your partner. You might feel like you can’t help this, but making sure your partner knows how you’re feeling and what moods you’re in (as well as asking them how they’re feeling) might reduce the tension!
  4. You’re worried about your partner not finding you as attractive. It’s only natural to feel self-conscious about your body image when you’re pregnant, but it’s a natural process and if you’re going to have a baby you need to embrace the changes! Talk to your partner about these feelings and they’ll reassure you that’s not the case!

Communication is really important, so it’s a good idea to talk about how you can support each other and what your hopes, fears and expectations.

If you’re a single parent or even wanting to talk to other parents and ask advice, head over to Gingerbread and join their community, there’s loads of advice on separation in pregnancy and how to build a healthier relationship!

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