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Our new family member%20-%20http://studentmumdiaries.com/our-new-family-member/"> Our new family member">

If you would’ve told me 5 years ago that by the time I was 21 I would have an amazing boyfriend, a baby, a cat AND a dog, I would’ve just laughed.

But here we are, our now family of five!

Meet Kobi-Blue.

For awhile now, Dylan and I have spoken about getting a dog and the pros and cons of having one, especially with a toddler and a cat.

But after 21-years of waiting, we fell in love with a dog online and a week later welcomed him into our home!

Kobi is a 12 week old KC Reg Border Collie with two different coloured eyes (one blue and one brown), and when we saw his little face on an advert we fell in love straight away.

I was a little bit reluctant at first because I’ve wanted a dog for so long and I was unsure how it would work financially, with Leo and around our schedules, but after long conversations and some budgeting we decided to meet Kobi, his family and the people who were raising him.

The people we went to visit called him Blue (he needed a name for his registration and his blue eye settled the decision), and they were absolutely incredible. Their home was so full of love and we knew we had picked the right family to get a puppy from.

We spent two hours at the house and when we got home we let them know we really wanted him as apart of our family.

I think I spent the whole week following that decision feeling so sick and emotional.

I didn’t know how to feel because it was all I had ever wanted since I could practically talk and I was unsure what Leo would think to him even though he adores dogs and is obsessed with them.

On Friday the 28th of September we went to pick up Kobi and bring him home

We wanted to bring him in without the cat being around so that Drogo didn’t get scared, but the one day we needed him to be out he decided to come back (and usually he’s out 6am while 9pm!).

Luckily, Kobi grew up around cats so he wasn’t interested in Drogo, but Drogo is a little wary and will only come near him if we are there too!

I’m not sure where this new crazy adventure will take us, but I’m so excited to start it with my little, (or should I say big now) family.

You can also follow Kobi’s journey here!

I’m also living in a house with four boys now, so if you see an SOS from me please send plenty of coffee, or bottle of wine! Ha!

Check out Kobi and Leo meeting for the first time below…

September 30, 2018
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