Leo’s Dairy Intolerance

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At the beginning of the year Leo was a little sickly and we weren’t sure how we could help ease his tummy bugs and general sickness, as he was constantly ‘under the weather’.

I read something online that said to remove cows milk from a baby or toddlers diet and substitute for soya as dairy can contribute to sickness and by some miracle, we saw Leo become less ‘sicky’.

I’ve always said I thought Leo could have a little dairy intolerance, unless it was a coincidence that his dairy intake and sickness happened at the same time, but in May we decided to completely take dairy out of his diet and we couldn’t believe how much of a difference it made.

We took Leo to the doctors around 6 weeks after he was dairy free and I explained how much of a different child he was and that what we thought were viral systems or tummy bugs were actually down to cows milk (I was pretty adamant and the doctor agreed that it was too much of a coincidence):

Last year Leo ended up really poorly around Christmas time. He kept crawling and screaming in pain, curling himself up and then just falling asleep for a few minutes. I rang 111 and was advised to take Leo to the doctors and I managed to get an appointment after demanding they check the system for an emergency appointment, (which by some miracle appeared after the third time I asked). On the way there, Leo went unresponsive and we ended up taking him straight to A&E.

Luckily they said it was just a D&V bug, Leo was slightly dehydrated and we were free to go home, but it didn’t sit right with me as the minute we let him have milk he was sick again.

Leo sat drinking his soya babyccino before his appointment

So fast-forward to September 2018 and Leo had allergy tests at the hospital, confirming he had an intolerance to milk which he could hopefully grow out of. We were to keep him off of all dairy products and anything that ‘may contain milk’ until Christmas were we could go back for more tests.

I used to take for granted everything we bought and what we ate when we go out for meals, but it’s so disappointing to see the amount of places that don’t cater for intolerances and allergies.

We have to take our own meals out with us for Leo as a lot of products contain milk and we don’t want to risk going somewhere that doesn’t have anything dairy free. Our local play area doesn’t have any food that is ‘free from’ or even supply soya milk so we take our own pack-up for him.

Our food shop has gone from £20 to £40 and we have to go to several shops as a lot of places don’t stock ‘free from’ products.

We’ve changed our diet (slightly) to accommodate Leo, mainly sticking to vegan products and homemade foods because he always wants what is on our plate, even when he has the exact same thing on his!

When we go places, a lot of people offer Leo chocolate and think I’m cruel when I say no, and even when I explain he has a dairy intolerance I’ve been told “a tiny bit won’t hurt him surely?”.

At the end of the day, we don’t want Leo to be in pain or be sick from the intolerance and I’m not willing to take a risk because he can’t communicate what exactly is wrong with him other than crying and being a bit grumpy.

Next month we are due to go back to see how he’s getting on and have some more tests, but so far anytime he has something (even by accident as we’ve now noticed that some beans etc contain milk depending on the brand), he reacts badly to them.

We are keeping our fingers and toes crossed that Leo grows out of it one day as we feel so incredibly bad for him with the amount of foods he can’t have. But so far, he’s not complaining too much if we say no to certain things and his nursery have been amazing providing for him!

We’re just happy we know why he was so sickly at times and glad he’s bouncing around full of happiness now!

November 18, 2018
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