First Football Game

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Yesterday we took Leo to his first ever football game, and of course it had to be a Manchester City game!

Dylan has supported Man City his whole life and he wanted to share his love with Leo, describing it as one of the proudest moments in his life.

We thought for a first game we’d take Leo to a quieter one and get seats a bit more out of the way just incase he doesn’t want to sit sill (which is totally fine since he is a toddler).

Dylan often goes to every City game going and is in his seat for kick off. But with a baby, that wasn’t going to happen.

We missed the first goal, scored by Leroy Sané as Leo was having a nappy change after the car journey.

We made it in time for the second goal by David Silva and Leo loved clapping along to the cheers of the goal!

Leo absolutely loved the game, we know he’s too young to know what’s going on but he watches football at home and we knew he’d love the atmosphere.

He was chanting along (more like babbling and saying City when he wanted), clapping, it was so lovely to see him enjoy it and not cry for the whole 90 minutes!

Both myself and Dylan couldn’t believe how good he was, to say he had to sit still for 90 minutes he did us so proud!

It definitely was a moment we will forever treasure as a family. Such a proud moment, especially for Dylan, and I know he can’t wait to take Leo to more games in the future.

September 16, 2018
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