7 Reasons why your final year is a lot like being a mum (and how to survive it)

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7 Reasons why your final year is a lot like being a mum (and how to survive it)%20-%20http://studentmumdiaries.com/7-reasons-why-your-final-year-is-a-lot-like-being-a-mum-and-how-to-survive-it/"> 7 Reasons why your final year is a lot like being a mum (and how to survive it)">

It’s that time of year again when the ‘freshers’ are bouncing around university excited for their new, independent life. Signing up to societies and getting to know their (in most cases) new city and campus.

But it’s also that time of year where a lot of people are heading into their final year as students and are preparing for the next stage of adulthood, also known as reality where there are no ‘free overdrafts’, weekday drinking and basically, ‘shit’ gets serious.

As a student mum, I can safely say that becoming a mother in my second year at university, definitely prepared me for final year and heres why!

1. Coffee becomes your new best friend  

Whether you were a coffee lover before or not, you’ll need it to get through those late nights you’ll have and to keep you awake in the day.

2. You trade your nights out for nights in

Trading your nights out is something you’ll enjoy more than you think you would. Getting ready and heading out is just too much effort after a long day, so Netflix and junk food it is!

3. And when you do go out you feel a little out of place…

Maybe you’re not the same party animal as you were before and those dance moves are a little outdated. You’ve definitely got that dad dancing down to a T.

TIP: you’ll be needing that extra shot of coffee in the morning

4. You budget A LOT more

You’ve pretty much always budgeted, making that £12.50 you have in your bank last 2 weeks, but you do it more now because soon enough you’ll not have your loan or an overdraft

5. Asking for help is okay

There is absolutely nothing wrong with asking for help no matter what it is you need help with. Whether you need break, extension, with finances or some advice – just ask!

6. Your dissertation is your baby

You put so much effort and time into your dissertation, you watch it grow from the first words to all the knowledge and facts it has.

7. When you realise those long 9 months are finally over

It’s either everything you ever imagined, or not at all. Either way you want to celebrate the fact the last 9 months are finally over! (Funny how a university year lasts as long as a pregnancy).

September 30, 2018
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